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At Cine-Vision we have a passion for analog filmmaking. It’s in our DNA. If you really want your video to look cinematic, shoot film not megapixels!

Award-Winning Short Films


Super 8 & 16mm Cameras for Sale & Rental

Need a reliable super 8 or 16 mm camera? No worries, Cine-Vision has you covered. All for sale and rental cameras have been serviced and rigorously film-tested by our in-house team so you can focus on telling your story.


Film Stock

For filmmakers who aspire to capture the world as only they see it, we provide fresh film stock we source directly from Kodak.


Get Reel

We sell Super 8 and 16mm filmmaking supplies and equipment that is either new old stock or refurbished. From projectors, rewinds, splicers, and reels, all the way to the latest DIY telecine systems we have you covered.

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Check Out Our YouTube Channel

Our YouTube Channel is about visual literacy. As it pertains to world cinema, its history, its language, its craft. Watch interviews with some of the world’s top filmmakers and experience their very first short films. Our channel also features tutorials and camera reviews.

Subscribers can download my eBook “Back to Super
8” for free:

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